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Who We Are

Introduction to Pyrus Pharma

Pyrus Pharma offers extensive knowledge and experience in product development and commercialisation in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.

Many virtual or SME pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have a vision to develop a drug molecule or technology opportunity into a marketed product. In today’s competitive environment, once a commercially viable product or technology opportunity has been identified, it is essential to move quickly and cost effectively from the laboratory to the clinic.

Pyrus brings together a powerful combination of strategic, technical, medical and commercial expertise to guide your projects from a concept in research into reality.

The two founding members, Carol O’Connor and Jill Ogden, have complimentary skills in R&D and commercial development in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Pyrus can help you with the initial assessment of a product or technology opportunity, through to the planning and ‘hands-on’ management of the R&D project. 

Pyrus will work with you, as part of your team, providing input into the different stages of the drug development process. 

Our services include:

As a flexible organisation our level of involvement will be tailored to meet your project requirements. Our wealth of experience extends out to a significant network of associates and contract research organisations, covering all aspects of commercialisation and development of a drug product.